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How to Throw Color Powder at a Fun Run

color powder

How to Throw Color Powder at a Fun Run

If you are organizing your fist Color Fun Run you may be wondering just how do you get all that vibrant colors on your runners? First you need to understand the basics of how a fun run is set up. Maybe you’re wondering just what is a color run?

Color Stations

what is a color run

Generally you will have sections of your race that participants run through and they are showered in colors. These sections are usually called Color Stations. Most 5ks and other related events have from 3 to 5 stations set up throughout the course. Each station usually consists of one shade. You may have a Yellow, Blue, Teal, and a Pink Station.

color war powder

If you like you can have balloons, flags or fun signs along the course right before the station, letting runners know they are coming up on the Pink Stations for example.

Throwing Colored Powder

At each station you will have volunteers with the designated shade on either side. Depending on the size of your fun run you will need two to six volunteers. This way you’ll be able to throw colored powder on runners from each side and if you have large groups coming through at the same time with two to three volunteers spaced out on each side of your course you will be able to cover the most people.

wholesale color powder

Most orders are in 25lb bags. We recommend transferring the wholesale color powder to 5 gallon buckets. One 25lb bag fits easily inside a 5 gallon bucket and it is just easier to handle in a rigid container like bucket. Here are some fun run ideas you might want to check out!

The two most popular ways to throw colored powder on your runners is to use either dixie cups or squeeze bottles.

If you use dixie cups, we recommend the small bathroom size – they are approximately 3 ounces.

colored powder

They are easy to use – just scoop up some with the dixie cup and throw it on the race participants as they run by you. You only need a couple of dixie cups per volunteer – but always have some extra on hand for each team.

Squeeze bottles are our customers top choice for dispensing the colored powders.

holi color powder

Squeeze bottles are easy to use – just point and squeeze. Our customers report that they feel they can aim better and they don’t waste as much holi color powder. We recommend that each volunteer throwing powdered chalk is armed with 2 squeeze bottles. Throughout the 5k race you will have breaks in runners and your volunteers will have time to refill their bottles.

We’ve put together a quick video for you that details how to set up your stations and how to use dixie cups and squeeze bottles for a run or for your color war powder.

Color Blaze | How to Set Up Color Stations for Your Color Fun Run

As always our creative team is always on hand to help you bring your vision into full blaze. Please call or email us with any questions you may have – we’re happy to help! And as always Throw Kindness Around Like Color Powder!

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Get The Best Wholesale Color Powder Deals With Color Blaze

how to make your own color run powder

Get The Best Wholesale Color Powder Deals With Color Blaze

Fundraising events like color runs have become increasingly popular as a way to engage your community and raise funds for your organization. Many are in search of what powder is used for a fun run and where to buy wholesale color powder at great prices so you can maximize school fundraising or charitable fundraising efforts.

what is color run powder made of

What is Color Powder?

The colors used in these events is known by a myriad of different names – color run powder, colored chalk powder, colored dust, holi powder, colored corn starch and many more variations of these terms. The ingredients are Food Grade Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C approved food and cosmetic dyes. It is bright, vibrant that throws easily and gives the participant the feeling of walking through a rainbow. It is washable and washes out of most clothing and skin and hair easily.

color run powder for sale

What Kind of Color Powder Packages are Available

It is usually available in individual packets and bulk orders by the pound on a few websites. Individual packets are usually used by the participants of a fun run to throw color on each other and themselves. The bulk package is used by race volunteers to throw on the participants as they run through stations. Color Blaze sells in bulk in 5 pound and 25 pound bags.

Color Blaze | How to Set Up Color Stations for Your Color Fun Run

How Much Powder Do I Need for a Fundraising Event?

How much bulk order you need is based on how many color stations you are planning on having at your run. Here is the general rule of thumb:

  • 3 stations – ½ pound per participant
  • 4 stations – ¾ pound per participant
  • 5 stations – 1 pound per participant

For example if you are planning on 4 stations for your fun run event and you will have approximately 200 participants you would need 150 pounds divided between the 4 stations.

Exciting Wholesale Color Powder Deals

We offer free shipping on all of our 25 pound bags. So it doesn’t matter where you are located, you don’t need to worry about high shipping costs.

wholesale color powder

For smaller fun runs we offer a great package – the six pack deal – which contains six 5 pound bags in the colors of your choice.

Perhaps our most economical package is our Race Kits.

colored powder

Whether you are hosting a large or small fun run, it comes with everything you need for the event and make it easy to calculate the costs and how much you will raise. Race Kits include – enough bulk holi powder for 3 stations (½ pound per order), an individual packet for each person, tshirt, sunglasses, inspirational bracelet, tattoos and a sticker.

If you sell your race kits as part of your entry fee at $25 you will make $13 on each pack sold. If $12 per person is out of your budget you can order our Race Kits without the Tshirt for just $7 – you get all the same great gear and powder packet less the tshirt. Both are a great option for fundraising and save you from having to source all of the products on your own.

If you are interested in other fundraising ideas visit our blog post How to Raise Funds with Color Fun Runs. For a complete listing of all of our products ranging from individual packets to wholesale deals, visit our site and browse all we have to offer!

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Modern Festivals With Holi Powder

holi powder for sale

Modern Festivals With Holi Powder

You may have heard of Holi Festivals or seen the vibrant photos of people covered from head to toe in brightly colored powder, but always wondered what it was all about. Holi is an event that originated in India as a Hindu religious and cultural celebration. While The Festival of Colors has many traditions and legends associated with it, the condensed version is the celebration of Spring, rebirth and the triumph of good over evil. And what better way to celebrate than to throw color powders on each other!

It has risen in popularity in recent years with applications in everything from fun runs to photo shoots. Part of it’s popularity is due to the fact that it is such a joyous celebration and well it’s just plain fun! It’is an event that everyone can enjoy – adults, kids, grandparents!

holi powder

Fun Festivities

Traditional festival from India is traditionally made from herbs and flowers. Now, it’s widely available in the United States. If you are wondering where to buy, you can find holi powder for sale on our site, where we offer a wealth of wholesale holi powder products. Many of the colored powders in the United States are made from food grade cornstarch and non toxic FDA approved food dyes.

How and When To Celebrate Holi?

If you attend such event you will see many, many colors! Some of the colors do have meaning behind them. Red for example reflects, matrimony, love and fertility. Green symbolizes spring, new beginnings and harvest. Yellow represents turmeric which has medicinal uses. And Blue represents Krishna, a revered god in Hinduism.

wholesale holi powder

Where To Get Wholesale Holi Powder?

This event is typically celebrated in late February/early March. This year it’s scheduled for March 1st and 2nd, although you can find many similar events large and small to attend throughout the Spring. There’s not a better way to welcome spring, say so long to winter and learn about other cultures than having bright colors thrown on you!

You may choose to host your own event! Whether you plan on having a large community wide event or simple festival in your backyard for the kiddos, having your own festival of colors may be easier than a flight to Bali! Be sure to see our blog post that more specifically discusses the uses of holi powder, or reach out to a Color Blaze team member at We would love to help you plan your event, whether it be a festival or a color run!

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How Much Color Powder Do You Need and Other Helpful Tips

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to organize a color run!  Now What?  How to make your own color run go off without a hitch?

Three of the biggest questions you may have are, What is color run powder made of?  How Much Color Powder Do I need? and Where do I buy Color Powder?

How Does a Color Run Work?

A color run is just like your typical fun run except your runners get showered with colored powder at different points through-out the run.  The areas where color powder is thrown on them are called color stations.  Typically a course is laid out with 3 to 5 color stations set up with color powder on each side of the course that will be thrown on the participants as they run through the color station.  You will need 2 to 4 volunteers per station to throw the color powder on your racers as they pass through the color station.

Throwing the Color Powder

There are two preferred methods of throwing the colored chalk powder.  One is to use small dixie cups to dunk in the color powder and throw on the participants. The other is to use squeeze bottles, fill them with powder and squeeze as the runners go by.  Remember to always aim from the shoulders down – you never want to throw directly at someone’s face, always avoid the face and eyes.  Most of organizations choose to use one color per station – but it is entirely up to you!

What is Color Run Powder Made of?

At Color Blaze we make our colored powder from Cornstarch.  The color run powder ingredients are food grade Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C approved Food and Cosmetic dyes.  That’s it!  It’s safe and easy to clean up with a little soap and water.

How much Color Powder do I need?

The objective of a Color Run is to cover your participants in COLOR!  How much color powder you need is based on how many participants you have; Perhaps you are organizing a 5k color run, how many color stations do you want to set up?

At Color Blaze our minimum recommendations are:
  • 3 Color Stations – a minimum of 1/2 pound of powder per participant
  • 4 Color Stations – a minimum of 3/4 pound of color powder per participant
  • 5 Color Stations- a minimum of 1 pound of color powder per participant
For example if you have 150 participants and 3 color stations you will need 75 pounds of color powder. (25 pounds at each color station)

 Keep in mind this is a general suggestion, it depends entirely on:
  • How you are distributing your color powder
  • How much you are throwing
  • How much color you want on your racers.

If you really want to cover (literally) your participants you may want to order a bit more to insure you have some happy colorful campers at the end of your run.

How Much Color Powder Do You Need and Other Helpful Tips

Where To Buy Color Run Powder?

Color Powder typically is not offered at retail stores.  There are various online stores that offer it as well as Color Blaze!  You can see all of the colors and options that Color Blaze offers; squeeze bottles, individual color powder packets, race kits, and bulk and wholesale powders.

Other fun and unique uses of color powder include: color wars, fundraisers, school pep-rallies, gender reveals, bulk color powder and anything else that can use some cool colors!

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Quick Tutorial on How To Do A Color Toss

Color Powder Photo Shoot
You’ve seen all the cool photos on Pinterest with Color Powder.  Newly engaged couples having a color powder photo shoot, perhaps a graduating class throwing their school colors in the air, friends and family creating a color toss for a baby gender reveal, or by far the most popular is for a Color Toss to begin or end your Color Run.  It looks like so much fun!  But how do you create this rainbow of technicolor fun?  With Color Blaze Individual Color Powder Packets. 


How to do a Color Toss

For best photo/video results you will want to have everyone dress in white t-shirts so the color powder shows up nicely on the shirts.  Hand out individual color powder packets to each person.  If you are staging a photo or video shoot you may want to ask them all to open their packets first, so everyone is ready to go when you count down.  Organize your group to fit in the shot.  Count them down and…….3,2,1!  Everyone tosses their packets in the air resulting in a burst of color powder followed by colored powder raining down on the group and covering them in colorful goodness!  If you are kicking off a color run, everyone can start the run with a little bit of color on them and some big smiles to go with it.  If you are strictly doing a photo shoot, you may want to make sure you have 2 or 3 packets per person so you can do your toss multiple times to get the perfect shot.  If you happen to get the perfect shot on the first go around , then just let all out color chaos ensue and have your camera ready for one of a kind photos!


See our quick video below on how to stage a color toss


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Gender Reveal Party Ideas With Color Powder

Gender reveal parties are becoming a creative way to celebrate with family and friends when announcing your baby’s gender. Hosting one can be so much fun and a special opportunity to share with those closest to you.  There are all kinds of gender reveal party ideas for you to explore - Color Blaze is  thrilled to provide you with some of our favorite ideas using color powder. 

Pink or Blue Color Powder Toss

A color powder toss is one of our favorite creative party ideas because it involves everyone!  Depending on your needs, whether pink or blue powder, you can ask your guests to wear white - you may want to warn them that they are going to be covered in blue or pink colored powders!

Here is an example of what you may want to include on the invitation: 

Invitations For A Color Powder Event

Please join us (and our bun in the oven) for a Gender Reveal Color Powder Party! 
Please wear casual white clothing. 100% cotton is suggested for easy washing- you are going to get covered in Pink or Blue!
Bring a towel for your car to drive home wearing the color, or extra clothes to change into.

Supplies And Party Prep:

Depending on the size of your party you may want to order Color Powder Packets  - 1 packet per guest should suffice. (you will need about ½ cup of powder per person)  If you are having more than 25 people you may want to consider ordering a gender reveal package with 10lbs of colored powder it may be more cost effective for you.

To dispense the powder you can either hand the packets directly to your guests - however keep in mind that the packets are clear and they will see the color.  You can also purchase small dixie cups (the bathroom size.)  If you are crafty you can decorate the cups with fun washi tapes in pink and blue patterns.  When you are done - carefully scoop up some powder with one of  your extra cups and slowly, carefully pour it into your decorated cup. You can also use a spoon and spoon it into the cup.   If you want to conceal the color, you may want to put a strip of pink, blue or white duck tape across the top of each cup to seal it. 

P.S. - if you want to be surprised right along with your guests, ask a trusted friend to order the powder and prepare it for the party.

When you are ready to reveal the gender, count to three and have your guests rip off the tape and throw the contents of their cups in the air!  You will have a bright  pink or blue cloud and everyone will have traces of pink  or blue powder on them. And remember,  colored powders are awesome fun that should be kept outside. It is a great activity for in the yard and as easy to clean up as sidewalk chalk. So do your best to plan your event on a warm sunny day, because taking this party inside is not advised.

Most importantly make sure you have a photographer standing by to capture every moment of this unique gender reveal!

Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

Many expectant couples choose to stage a cute photo shoot as a unique way to reveal the gender of their baby.  They create a photo that shows whether the baby is a boy or a girl or both (twins!) and post it on social media.  You may want to hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful photos that you will forever have as keepsakes of your pregnancy.  

Color Blaze Color Powder is a great option for a gender reveal photo shoot.  You can create the photo much the same way as our Color Powder Toss! You may want the photo to be just the two of you, but if you have older children we suggest involving them as this is a fun, messy activity that kids love!

Have everyone involved in your photo dress in white. Order yours in the appropriate shade and then let the games begin!  We suggest having an all out color powder fight!  Everyone will have a great time throwing pink or blue on each other with lots of smiles and laughter while your photographer snaps away.  Once everyone is covered you can pose for your final shot!  At this point everyone should be pretty well covered in pink or blue and your snapshot will clearly show whether your bun in the oven is a boy or girl!

Boy? Girl? Pop to See!

A  Gender Reveal Balloon reveal is super simple, easy to clean up and doesn’t require any special crafting skills. The Color Blaze gender reveal balloon comes with pink and/or blue confetti.  If you like you can opt to add colored powder to the balloon instead.  One or two individual packages of colored powders should be enough.  Remember you don’t want too much weight in your balloon if you are filling it with helium as the weight may keep it from floating.  

The Gender Reveal Balloon kit includes a giant opaque black balloon and a packet of perfectly portioned confetti! You can place the confetti inside the balloon by using a toilet paper roll hack as an easy fill assist!

Once you add the confetti or color powder just visit a local party store to add helium (most shops charge between $5-$7 to fill balloons of this size). These giant balloons must be completely inflated to support the weight of the confetti and still float. Make sure the balloon shop tests it before you leave.  If it hovers low when fully filled, just shake it about to distribute the confetti or powder evenly inside.  The next step is to gather your family and friends and POP to see!

Let Pink or Blue Confetti Rain Down on You!

Color Blaze also offers confetti sticks as a fun alternative to a color powder reveal! They are so much fun and super easy to use.  Each 14" confetti stick is filled with either pink or blue confetti, but white confetti is placed at each end so you can't guess the gender until you flick the confetti stick and it release the confetti.  Just gather your guests around you and hand everyone a confetti stick.  Have them hold the confetti stick up and out in front of them and give it a hard flick - like you are flicking a magic wand!  Then the real MAGIC happens as you are showered with Pink or Blue confetti.

Gender Reveal Decorations and Snacks

Pinterest is abound with all kinds of pink and blue snacks for gender reveal parties. Pink and blue rice krispy treats, Oreos dipped in pink or blue frosting, pink and blue cupcakes, pink and blue sugar cookies - you get the general idea!

COCKTAILS AND MOCKTAILS are also fun! You of course want to stay with the pink and blue theme.  You can offer boozy sips including sparkling rose and champagne and garnish with strawberries and blueberries.  Mocktails can include Jones Berry Lemonade Soda in blue and just good old fashioned pink lemonade. Serve it in a fancy glass to add to the celebratory atmosphere! 

Themes - there are so many fun themes out there you can choose to go with - Footballs or Pom Poms, Touchdowns or Tutus, Prince or Princess, Stashes or Lashes etc.  If there isn’t a theme that tickles you, go with pink and blue!  It is easy to decorate for and it definitely captures the focus of the day! Color Blaze has a wide variety of gender reveal party supplies for every theme!

Visit our last post for more information on the many ways to use colored powder for fundraising events!

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