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Set Up A 5k Color Fun Run With Color Blaze

ColorFun Run. Colored Events. Rainbow Skies. Do you have friends talking about a spectacular fun run downtown that has them grinning from ear to ear? Did you see pictures on your social media feed about teenagers and adults, children even, partying out in the streets while participating in a friendly race? Do you ever wonder how fun it can be to join a color fun run 5K and what this hype is all about?

The themed distance runs aren't just about crossing the finish line , it's a happy and friendly activity for everyone looking to have a different kind of fun. This is a craze everyone, especially the young adults, find more relaxing and addicting.

Why would they find it relaxing? What makes the colored runs so fun? What draws people into joining these friendly runs wherever they may be? What's the secret behind it?

So, What Is A Color Fun Run and What Are Colored Powders?

What is the purpose of a color fun run? What does it support? Does it have a meaning or a cause? Is it beneficial? How so? What's in it for you?

This type of event emphasizes fun over competition, socialization over social individualism. Usually, the themed race has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with colored powder, made of food-grade corn starch that is 100% biodegradable, at stations along the run. It's open to first time runners, families, children, and groups. The event is for both runners and walkers. Many of the participants may be first timers and haven't participated in a race before.

Organizers may partner with national or local charity or may be raising funds for a specific cause  with proceeds often going to a children's hospital, local shelter or charitable organization.  The cause may vary and may be of smaller scale, but the purpose is to provide fun while raising funds.

Why It's Fun – Color Fun Run 5k

Have you heard of colored powder?  It can completely change a seemingly ordinary event into the most-sought after, worldwide trend. Who wouldn't want to be covered with vibrant colors and still blend into a sea of multicolored faces?

Inspired by the holi powder from the famous Holi Festival in India which is a celebration of spring and good fortune; this colorful powder is a completely safe product. It is made from cornstarch. Color Blaze's powders are made with FDA approved and FD&C grade food and cosmetic dyes.

This will mostly likely become your favorite kind of dust. It won't matter if your makeup is ruined, if your hair becomes a mess, or if your clothes are beyond recognition. Once you participate in a color fun run, shaking it out of your system might not be the easiest thing to do. The fun will stick with you like gum to a shoe.

How To Host Your Own Run

Colored powder races often turn out to be a big event wherever they're held, this is due to the huge number of willing participants who want to take part in the bright and bold parade of colorful powders.

Setting up your own fun run is a not an arduous task! We can help in the conceptualization of events by sharing fundraising ideas that have worked for other organizers and provide tips on hosting your own 5k color fun run on our popular blog post!

Be Bold. Be Brilliant.

We are your supplier for fun colors! We provide the colored powder for:
  • Fun Runs
  • Color Wars
  • Photo Shoots
  • Pep Rallies
  • Birthday Parties
  • Sorority Sisterhood Events
  • Gender Reveals and more!
We deliver high quality products fast for your convenience. Color Blaze can fill your brightest, boldest, colored powder dreams! Ready to make your first order? Call us today for a smooth order process!

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How Much Color Powder Do You Need?

Three of the most significant concerns you may have about color fun runs: How to host your own color fun run? Just How Much Color Powder Do I Need To Order? and Where do I purchase Color Powder?


Start at the Beginning - How Does a Color Fun Run Work?


A color fun run is much like your normal fun run except for one outstanding factor -  runners get showered with color powder at several checkpoints throughout the race. The locations where the hippie powder is tossed on the runners are called Color Stations. In general, course is set out with 3 to 5 color stations on both sides, each assigned with a specific shade: either yellow, red, orange, or blue powder. Assign 2 to 4 volunteers per station to toss color powder on every racer that passes by.


Tossing the Color Powder


There are two incredible techniques of tossing the colored chalk powder. One is to utilize little dixie cups filled with powder to throw at the trunners. The other is to use squeeze bottles filled with powder and use it to splash powder onto the participants. Only aim from the shoulders down -- never toss it straight at somebody's face, always avoid directly tossing it to the face and eyes. Most of those who organize a fun run and color fun run how to inquiries go for one color per station. But if you want to get creative, go ahead!


Exactly What is Color Powder Made of?


At Color Blaze we make our colored powder from Cornstarch. The powder's active ingredients are food grade Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C authorized Food and Cosmetic dyes. That's it! It's safe and simple to wash up with a little soap and water.


How Much Color Powder Do I Need?


The goal of hosting a color fun run events is to cover participants with technicolors. How much will it cost you? The amount will depend on the total number of participants in the race. Strategizing for how to plan a color fun run is as important as giving your runners an experience they will never forget.


Where To Buy Color Powder?


Color Powder are usually sold in bulk and wholesale packages. Color Blaze is one of the leading supplier of colored powders! We sell them in 5 lbs packets to 50 lbs bag. Just like Race Kits are for run fun events, we also have a baby gender reveal specific packages. Not only that, we also have a friendly customer support who are armed with rich information on creative ways to reveal gender, fundraiser events or cute gender reveal ideas, and tips for a successful color fun run!

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Ways To Have Colorful Outdoor Fun With Color Powder!

Color powder can turn a typical afternoon into an impressive color zone of fun. Kids go crazy with the enjoyment of a color powder activity! There are lots creative fundraising ideas out there and color powdered based events are the craze these days!


Could your typical outdoor fundraising activity use a vibrant remodeling? Are you looking for fun ideas for school events that are not the same you've done year after year? Or perhaps the same event can use a bit of an update?


Color Blaze color powder offers many innovative applications to impress kids with an activity that is novel and different! Colored powder is the base for many of the newest trends:


The ways to have a fun time with color powder are almost unlimited! One fundraising event idea is to host a Color Powder Twister party!


The concept is easy because you play the board game of Twister with all the tools and guidelines as recommended. Then, you add color powder to each of the flooring mat circles. Players will enjoy playing Twister, PLUS get chalked full of color powder, and normal falls end in a blaze of color. This and other color based fundraising ideas for schools are always a hit!


Holi Color Powder Ideas


What is holi powder?


The festival of Holi is celebrated on the evening of the full moon before spring starts, in late February or early March. It is a festival for spring, and often holi color powder is mixed with water, perfect for early Spring heat. The holi powder then sticks to participants with the water, and makes a fun mess!


You can get holi powder for sale via our website. We ship fast and offer great deals for anyone looking to supply their school, group, or other organization with a fun time going into Spring. Where and how to get wholesale holi powder when in a time crunch? Good news, our product is delivered in 2-3 days!


For more unique fundraising ideas, or other easy fundraising ideas using color powder, contact us our browse our blogs.The best fundraisers get everyone involved and provides fun to be remembered.


Successfully Promote Your Color Powder Event | Color Fun Run Fundraisers

fun run fundraising ideas

Successfully Promote Your Color Powder Event | Color Fun Run Fundraisers

Promoting a color fun run is one of the most important aspects to making it a fundraising success. If the community is not EXCITED about attending and joining the color fun run fundraiser for your cause, it doesn’t matter how much color powder you have, or how great the prizes are.

how to organize a run

Getting Started With Your Fundraiser

When to Start – Start promoting the event at least 3 months prior. As soon as you have the date and place secured and all of your permissions in place, start getting the word out there to make the parents, students and school staff aware of the event. As you get closer to the big day you can do weekly and then daily reminders and updates.

Where to Promote – Promoting your fundraising campaign to parents, students and staff is essential. If you can, use all of the elements listed below. Some people will only read the newsletter, others will only see it on social media, and some will see it everywhere! That’s ok – it just shows the community how important your fundraising campaign is.

color fun run fundraiser

Fun Run Fundraising Ideas | Know Where To Start

  • School Calendar – Make sure it is listed on the school calendar at least 3 months in advance
  • School Website – promote it on the school website on the home page and the activities/events page.
  • PTO Website – Add it to your PTO Calendar and events list. Also consider having an ad for it on your home page with a link to a specific menu page with detailed information regarding the event.
  • Social Media – Post it on the PTO and/or School Facebook and other social media pages.
    Consider making a sticky post – that always stays at the top of the page with all of the main information. Create weekly posts about the race. Once you are about 2 weeks out you may want to do daily posts.
  • PTO Newsletter/Emails – If you have a weekly email that goes out to parents – make sure to include it EVERY single week. In the beginning you may be providing basic information – what, when, where, why etc. But each week you can add information to it – perhaps give them an update on why you need the funds – how is it going to benefit their child. Update them on the progress reaching the fundraising goal – perhaps include a goal thermometer in each email. Always make sure to include a link to where they can sign up.
  • School Bulletin Boards – Put flyers on school bulletin boards. Make sure the bulletin boards are in areas where students, staff and parents will see them. If you have a bulletin board that is in a high traffic area, see if you can make it a dedicated Color Fun Run Billboard running up to the event.
  • School Announcements – Make weekly announcements that the big day is coming up. Let students know how they can participate.
  • School Marquee – if you have a marquee or digital sign in front of your school make sure to post the event there.
  • Pickup/Drop off Line – this is an excellent place to capture parents attention. Have posters posted along the pick-up line. Have flyers available to hand out to parents as they are waiting in line. You can recruit student or parent volunteers to create and hold up signs promoting the Color Fun Run before and after school. They can make noise, create cheers etc.
  • Pep Rally – Hold a pep rally when you are ready to kick off the fundraising campaign. Some schools have held a pep rally outside and ordered sample color powder packets and thrown them on the principal or P.E. teacher. The kids love it and it gives them an idea of what they will experience at the Color Fun Run.
  • Other School Events – consider having the upcoming race announced at other school events. The orchestra concert, baseball game, etc. Ask if the announcer can make an announcement about it.
  • Neighborhood Schools – let your neighborhood schools know about the race as well. If you are in an elementary school, make the middle and high schoolers aware of your event – you never know who might want to participate or donate to your cause.
  • Local Community – if you are opening it to the local community, consider posting flyers at local businesses that are friendly to your school’s fundraising.
  • Sponsors – If you have local businesses sponsoring the event, ask them if they will put your event on their social media pages, website etc.

Getting the message out requires a multi-pronged approach. There’s no such thing as too much promotion!

best fundraising ideas

Spread The News About The Color Fun Run Event

First, consider the basics – Who, What, Where, When and Why. If everyone understands the basic concept and purpose of your fundraising, they will be excited to attend and help you raise funds.

The first announcements in the beginning may be as simple as the event, the date, the place and time with information about how much you want to raise and what the funds will be used for. The posters, flyers and bulletin boards can keep the information simple as well.

In letters addressed to parents, email blasts, and social media posts, you can start giving out more information. What is a Color Fun Run? What is the objective and goal of the fundraiser?

Be specific –are you raising funds for a  new science lab or P.E. equipment?  Let them know how it will benefit the school and the students. People are much more likely to rally behind a cause if they understand it.

Consider weekly updates. As you get closer to the race day, you can send daily reminders on how much time is left to register and fundraise as well as give updates on how you are doing to date.

non profit fundraising ideas

A Little More Color Can Save The Day!

Color Blaze offers a variety of color packets and bulk colored powder depending on the needs of your event. We also provide assistance on how to organize a fun run to newbie organizers and share fun run fundraising ideas that have worked for many of our clients. Don’t hold back and make your color fun run a runaway success!

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Homemade Color Powder? Is It Worth It?


We have seen a great deal of article and pins on making your very own color fun run powder. We've received calls from customers calling in panic after making a DIY color fun run powder with a low quality outcome and now they are pressed with time now that their occasion is just around the corner.


Many parents, especially mothers, find color fun run powder DIY tutorials easy to follow so they give it a shot to save money while staging a fun activity with the kids where they help in mixing the ingredients for the color powder for color fun run. Watch it dry, crush it all up, and have a color battle when it's done. Some try these tutorials to see if they actually work. One mother shared her experience with homemade color powder.


"The steps we took are quite easy to follow." The powder is disposed into a bowl. This must be gradually done or else you'll get a huge white cloud of powder all over the place. The kids find it fun to watch and learn how to make color fun run powder.


"Next, we included water and began to stir. 1 cup wasn't rather adequate, it was extremely crumbly so we included about another 1/4 to 1/2 a cup. Do not let the pictures trick you-- it appears like a good slushy mix, but in reality, it isn't the case!"


"It's like stirring peanut butter! When we initially began we had a whisk, believing it would offer us a good smooth consistency, however, the mixture clumped up in the whisk and we needed something with more strength so we transferred to a heavy blending spoon." It's something kids can't do on their own. At this point, color fun run powder for sale is much more attractive and requires no manual labor.


"Then, we included the color and made certain it was blended in completely. It was actually difficult to combine using a spoon (that peanut butter consistency) so we simply dug in with our hands and blended the color." Use sturdy foil pans or else hot colored slime might find its way on the floor. Caution - use rubber gloves! The color will stain your hands and nails for a couple of days. Given that it will stain for days, you might ask - How to get color fun run powder off? Does the powder from the color fun run stain? Well, no! It easily comes off with little soap and water.


"The instructions state to let it dry for 2 to 3 days. We stay in Arizona where it is really hot and DRY. It dried extremely rapidly -- within 24 hours it was broken and easy to break down. You might still feel wetness in it, so we did go ahead and let it dry for 3 days amount to."


While DIY's are meant to help people save, some products are better left at the hands of experts. For quality color powder for color fun run, wholesale and bulk color powder deals, color fun run powder; Color Blaze will offer you great deals! Amazing colored powder for color fun run packages awaits you!

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How to Effectively Raise Funds with Color Fun Runs

Color Fun Runs with color powder are a satisfying and ingenious way to raise funds for your organization. Participants will surely have a blast and will happily share images of the event via social media posts! And because of the wonderful experience bulk color powder brings, most of the participants will look forward to the event year after year.


Here are our concepts for raising funds with Color Blaze color powder!


Registration Fees


The most practical approach to raise funds is by charging a registration fee for your race. Whether it's $5 or $50, thoroughly calculate the overall expenditure of the event to make sure that you reach your goal. Include into the equation the expenses for the event location, wholesale and bulk powder needs, prizes, and giveaways. The registration fee, at the end of the end, should be able to cover all your expenses. Therefore, make sure that whatever you charge per runner versus the expected total number of participants is enough.


Just like all color powder events, offer a benefit for people who register early. If they register 30 days prior to the event day, they can pay for a discounted amount or $10 less than the regular registration fee. Early registration can start 60- 90 days prior to your event date, then you'll have more time to focus on the marketing and promotion of the race.


Pledges for Color Fun Runs


Ask your runners to make pledges for each lap or mile they run. It might be a pledge for $50 per student, a group of 5 to contribute $100, or collect $10 from 5 people or $5 from 20 people.


Award prices to the runners that collect the most pledges. You'll be surprised at how much a person or group can collect with a little reward at stake. The prices can vary from visit to the local bowling alley, a session to a pottery studio, or a ticket to a movie theater. Local establishments can also offer gift certificates as prizes for the winners. Allocate the prices based on who got the most pledges.


Different online fundraising platform allows participants to quickly email family and friends. This is beneficial for your organization since many people can contribute to your cause with just a click of a button. Just imagine the number of returns when 200 kids send emails to 5 to 10 family member.

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Get The Best Wholesale Color Powder Deals With Color Blaze

Fundraising occasions like color fun runs have become a significantly popular method to engage your neighborhood in fundraising activities while raising funds for your organization. Questions like "What powder do they use for color fun run?", "How to host a color fun run fundraiser?", and "where to purchase wholesale color powder?" has been the talk of the town. Fantastic colored powder rates are available on the market so school fundraising or charitable fundraising are taking advantage of this great deal!


What is Color Powder?


The colors utilized in these event are name across the globe with its various names -- color powder, bulk color powder, color powder packets, holi powder, colored corn starch and so much more. The product that often come in color powder packets are Food Grade Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C authorized food and cosmetic dyes. It's rich in color, intense, and lively that tosses quickly and provides participants with a sensation of walking through a rainbow. It is washable and rinses off of clothes and skin and hair quickly.


What Kind of Color Powder Packages are Available


It is generally offered in individual packages and bulk orders by the pound on a couple of sites. Individual packages are generally used by organizers in fun runs, gender reveal, fundraiser charity races, effectively spread across through a color toss. The bulk bundle is used by race volunteers to throw on runners as they go through the color stations. Color Blaze offers wholesale in 5 pound and 25 pound bags. A different set of packages are also available for gender reveal party supplies.


Interesting Wholesale Color Powder Deals


Whether you are hosting a small or big fun run, it's easy to determine how many pounds of powder you will need and how much it will cost you. By then you'll be able to determine how much funds you need to raise during the event. Race Kits can help you save. It consists of: enough bulk holi powder for 3 stations (1/2 pound per order), individual package for each participant, t-shirt, sunglasses, inspirational bracelet, tattoos and a sticker label.


If you offer your race kits as part of registration at $25, you will make $13 on each pack offered. If your budget is only at $12 per runner, you can buy our Race Kits without the T-shirt for $7 only, and you'll still get all the freebies that comes with the Race Kit and the same amount of powder package minus the t-shirt.


Both are a fantastic alternative for fundraising and help you save on the overall expenses of hosting such event.


What About Gender Reveals


A unique gender reveal party where organizers use pink color powder, blue color powder, or both has an undeniable appeal to all, many things can be accomplished using wholesale color powder.


There are separate yet equally affordable deals when it comes to gender reveal color powder. From bulk and wholesale offers to individual gender reveal packets, we have it all! If you happen to reach a dead end or lacking on creativity, our customer support can give cute gender reveal ideas or gender reveal party ideas. We are all for a fun gender reveal event for a growing family!

Color Blaze is a leading supplier of gender reveal party supplies for different baby gender reveal occasions, individual color packets in the shade of red, blue, white, and green color powder, and wholesale and bulk colored powders!


For a total listing of all our items varying from small packages to wholesale offers, visit our website and find what you need!