Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How Much Color Powder Do You Need?

Three of the most significant concerns you may have about color fun runs: How to host your own color fun run? Just How Much Color Powder Do I Need To Order? and Where do I purchase Color Powder?


Start at the Beginning - How Does a Color Fun Run Work?


A color fun run is much like your normal fun run except for one outstanding factor -  runners get showered with color powder at several checkpoints throughout the race. The locations where the hippie powder is tossed on the runners are called Color Stations. In general, course is set out with 3 to 5 color stations on both sides, each assigned with a specific shade: either yellow, red, orange, or blue powder. Assign 2 to 4 volunteers per station to toss color powder on every racer that passes by.


Tossing the Color Powder


There are two incredible techniques of tossing the colored chalk powder. One is to utilize little dixie cups filled with powder to throw at the trunners. The other is to use squeeze bottles filled with powder and use it to splash powder onto the participants. Only aim from the shoulders down -- never toss it straight at somebody's face, always avoid directly tossing it to the face and eyes. Most of those who organize a fun run and color fun run how to inquiries go for one color per station. But if you want to get creative, go ahead!


Exactly What is Color Powder Made of?


At Color Blaze we make our colored powder from Cornstarch. The powder's active ingredients are food grade Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C authorized Food and Cosmetic dyes. That's it! It's safe and simple to wash up with a little soap and water.


How Much Color Powder Do I Need?


The goal of hosting a color fun run events is to cover participants with technicolors. How much will it cost you? The amount will depend on the total number of participants in the race. Strategizing for how to plan a color fun run is as important as giving your runners an experience they will never forget.


Where To Buy Color Powder?


Color Powder are usually sold in bulk and wholesale packages. Color Blaze is one of the leading supplier of colored powders! We sell them in 5 lbs packets to 50 lbs bag. Just like Race Kits are for run fun events, we also have a baby gender reveal specific packages. Not only that, we also have a friendly customer support who are armed with rich information on creative ways to reveal gender, fundraiser events or cute gender reveal ideas, and tips for a successful color fun run!

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